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How To Make A Mezcal Negroni | Studio Dylan Happy Hour

The negroni is a bright, refreshing drink that's traditionally made with equal parts gin, vermouth, and campari. I wanted to switch up the typically botanical profile with a richer note, so I swapped in mezcal for the gin. Mezcal is an agave-based liquor from Mexico. Think of mezcal as a richer, smokier version of tequila.

What's great about a negroni is that you can prepare a serving right in the glass itself, or batch it up to share and pour over ice for multiple rounds. For the orange, I typically go with a standard peel since it's easy and keeps the orange fresh and vibrant without overpowering the already complex flavors of the cocktail.

Here's the recipe:


• 1 oz mezcal

• 1 oz Cocchi Americano Bianco

• 1 oz campari

• Orange peel

• 1 big ice cube or 2 medium ice cubes


• In a lowball glass, combine mezcal, vermouth, and campari.

• Stir for 15 seconds to chill.

• Express the oils of an orange peel over and around the glass rim; add to glass side.

The glass I used for this cocktail is vintage — I bought it at Brimfield in a set of four a few years ago and it's in a midcentury pattern I collect called "Blue Heaven."


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