Have you ever watched yourself on video? You might pick up on habits you didn't even know you had, like using common filler words and phrases such as:

"You know." "Kind of." "Like."

Saying these phrases during pauses in speech is a very common habit, one that can unintentionally signify a lack of confidence and impede on clarity. As a producer and editor, I find a way to cut filler words out of interviews, but if it's a live recording, there's nothing we can do!

With increased professional opportunities to appear on camera, whether through a virtual conference or company training, now is the time to learn how to drop those pesky "filler words" for good.

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Dylan Leavitt

Founder, Studio Dylan

"Instagram Reels, a Copycat of TikTok, Lands in 50-Plus Countries"(Variety). We interrupt our typical TikTok beat to introduce Instagram Reels, the latest effort by Facebook to copy its competitors when they can't buy them (ahem, Snapchat). Have you tried Reels yet?

"Bake Club, Day 101, And Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi Is Still Going"(Bloomberg). The effervescent founder of Milk Bar, Christina Tosi, has been hosting an Instagram Live "Bake Club" throughout the pandemic and is now pivoting the project into a weekly interactive "show." Tosi is not the only chef to pull Instagram into a "new normal" content strategy: chef Joanne Chang of Flour and others are also innovating with Instagram's off-the-cuff creative platform by introducing baking kits that customers order for home delivery or pick-up and then use to bake along with IG Live sessions. 

Over the month of May, Studio Dylan has focused on exploring new ways to inspire our audience, partners, and clients. We remain agile and optimistic as business reopens safely in Massachusetts and virtual work presents a new frontier for collaboration.

With that said, Studio Dylan continues its dedication to:

  1. Developing new original video content across our channels

  2. Specializing in producing aspirational video content and strategy for clients while maintaining a focus on education and authenticity

  3. Diversifying our offerings to meet the needs of our clients in the food & beverage, art, nonprofit, and lifestyle spaces

  4. Continuing to encourage exploration of the rapidly changing media industry

The most important thing, however, is that we stay safe, healthy, and happy. My thoughts go out to you and hope we can lift each other up by focusing on mission, service, optimism, and empathy.

Dylan Leavitt

Founder, Studio Dylan

  • TikTok Owner ByteDance Hit $3B in Net Profit Last Year (Bloomberg). The company poached Disney streaming exec Kevin Mayer to become CEO of TikTok as it looks to diversify into ecomm, gaming, and music search. And just when you thought the great Streaming Wars couldn't get more complex... it's probably time for you to get a TikTok account.

  • "Advertisers Seek to Revise Deal Terms With Streamer Quibi (WSJ). Quibi, the platform launched by Hollywood mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg with business titan Meg Whitman, has seen struggles since launching at the beginning of the pandemic shutdowns as its use case of in-between moments (commuting, office breaks) has been squashed. 

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Rosé margaritas! This drink screams summer: you can batch it up and serve from a pitcher or make up a single glass that's sure to brighten your day. Plus, you can have fun with the styling: today, I decided to use a stemless wine glass from Simon Pearce and play up the whimsy with a bright cocktail umbrella and lime wheel.

I'm obsessed with cocktail umbrellas and stirrers. If you're going to make yourself a drink at home, why not make it a party?

Here's the recipe:


• 1 oz tequila

• 5 oz dry rosé wine

• 1/2 oz agave syrup

• 1 oz lime juice + 1 lime wheel

• Salt for rim

• Ice

**Important note: don't forget to salt your glass rim before adding ice and pouring in your lovely drink! I think the salt is optional so if you forget to add it, no harm. To salt your glass rim, take the lime wheel around the rim and then dip the rim into a small dish of salt. The salt will stick to the lime.


• In a cocktail shaker, combine tequila, rosé, lime, and agave.

• Shake well with ice until exterior of shaker is frosted, about 10-15 seconds.

• Strain over fresh ice in serving glass

• Add lime wheel and cocktail umbrella

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