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(2020 - PRESENT)

Based in Dublin, New Hampshire, Yankee: New England’s Magazine was founded in 1935 and is the iconic American magazine covering the finest that New England has to offer. 

In an effort to reach audiences across platforms, Yankee collaborated with Studio Dylan to bring "In the Kitchen with Amy Traverso" to life. In each episode, Yankee Senior Editor and host of "Weekends with Yankee" Amy Traverso shows how to make eye-catching recipes that mix the aspirational with the achievable and nod to New England heritage.

Episodes are distributed on Yankee's Instagram's IGTV, Facebook and YouTube channels, as well as on "Weekends With Yankee," a national public television co-production with GBH. The series won a Gold Telly Award in 2021. Recipes are selected based on editorial guidance, engagement metrics, and seasonal influences.

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