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We believe all companies should act like their own media entities: that means producing

high-quality, shareable stories using the latest industry tips and popular platforms.

Studio Dylan shoots videos using an artistic eye based on a professional background in the arts and documentary filmmaking. Our content engages audiences through its authentic and clean aesthetic. 


We deliver videos that are shot and edited with multiple platforms in mind: all deliverables are customized to your needs, from Instagram and YouTube to websites and email marketing.



Let's meet and discuss brand strategy, target audience, and conversion goals.


Strategize production and distribution based on your specific goals


High-end art direction and production allow for an efficient shoot.


Video assets for compatibility with today's digital distribution platforms are coupled with content strategy. 


  • Video that's compelling, visually intriguing, educational, and entertaining will remain evergreen. Bolster engagement and conversion through video's long-tail value across platforms.

  • YouTube is now the second-most trafficked site after Google. Improve your SEO and lead generation by creating content for this platform.

  • Video provides top-of-funnel brand leadership opportunities through highly targeted content marketing.

  • Show passion and dedication to having an educated consumer: instill familiarity and pride by sharing insider facts and exclusive knowledge, converting the consumer into a brand advocate.


Don't have an active YouTube page? Unfamiliar with multi-platform distribution?

Let's develop a strategy for building your brand presence and distribution for videos across platforms:

• Newsletter

• YouTube

• Instagram

• Facebook

• Twitter

...and more!

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