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In a new take on the short recipe video, I collaborated with the immensely talented Krissy O'Shea of blog Cottage Farm to create an atmospheric and aspirational depiction of holiday gingerbread baking. Instead of the ubiquitous throw-things-in-a-bowl, fast-motion videos seen across platforms, we wanted to craft a subtle, authentic and ethereal recipe video that tells a story and stays true to the Cottage Farm brand of "elegance in the everyday." Studio Dylan's food video production company shooting style embraces the real tangibility of attainable recipes.

As Cottage Farm has over 70K followers on Instagram, as well as many followers of the blog, I delivered five versions of this recipe video for multichannel distribution. The longest video, the "full" recipe, is two minutes long and exported at a 16x9 aspect ratio. The medium length video at 45 seconds was exported in a portrait aspect ratio for Instagram as well as a 9x16 ratio for IGTV. I also generated "moments" for use in Instagram Stories and on the Feed as 15-20 second clips.

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