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Studio Dylan created a short documentary about plein air painter Rosamund Zander for her April 2022 retrospective at the Boston Cyclorama. Filmed at Roz's homes in Maine and Boston, the documentary highlights the process, inspiration, and materiality of each of her paintings. It also encapsulates Roz's love of nature and zest for life.

From the exhibition website:

Rosamund Zander’s paintings transport the viewer to the forests of New England, the cliffs of Costa Brava, and the groves of California. Discovering

beauty in the undergrowth, outcroppings, gardens, and hillsides, Zander explores the dynamism of the natural world.

To Rosamund Zander, life is a creative act. En Plein Air presents Zander’s love and reverence for Nature through painting. This exhibition is the culmination of thousands of hours over many decades spent outdoors, with canvas and paint brush, depicting the ever-changing beauty around her. In its simplest sense, plein air painting is the practice of painting landscapes out-of-doors, but for Zander, it is, in all its daily transformations of light, shape, and color, a deeply spiritual experience.

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