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How can Olympians teach tech execs?

One of my favorite parts of directing is deriving personal stories of inspiration, resilience, and tenacity from leaders across sectors. Below, I'm proud to share our latest video with Sarah Milby, Founder & CEO of Valor Performance. Valor is a startup that provides one-on-one coaching to professionals seeking to implement peak performance in their careers and personal lives. In this video, Sarah shares what sparked the idea behind Valor's coaching platform.

Dylan Leavitt

Founder, Studio Dylan


How can Olympians coach tech execs and physicians?

  • "This Plant Company Is Proving the Power of eCommerce Video" (Vimeo Blog). What's the best way for brands to differentiate themselves using video? Create entertaining educational content! Bloomscape, a DTC houseplant shop, is producing plant care videos and positioning itself as a trustworthy guide as a top-of-funnel play.

  • "Networks Are Prepping for the Craziest Fall Season in the History of Broadcast TV" (Bloomberg). With scripted shows behind schedule due to the pandemic, reality TV, international programs, news and backlogged sports are dominating the fall broadcast slate. An approximate 20% increase of production costs due to health safety protocols and the constant risk of a lead actor testing positive mean the foreseeable future for scripted is uncertain to say the least.


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