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Maple Old Fashioned | Studio Dylan Happy Hour

This personal take on a Maple Old Fashioned cocktail recipe marries bright citrus with deep maple flavor, resulting in a nostalgic drink that will quickly become a go-to. A classic recipe, the "Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail" always uses sugar, bitters, whiskey, and 1-2 ice cubes. These elements have been used in an "old fashioned" for centuries, but cocktail connoisseurs have since played with these general ingredients to imbue the recipe with opposing forces of restraint and complexity.

I think what makes this an excellent cocktail is the ability to highlight top notch ingredients without any complicated equipment: this drink can be stirred together in the glass. his recipe is measured for a single serving. Depending on how much whiskey you want to drink, you can go between 1.5 - 2oz. I used Bulleit Rye Whiskey, custom bitters (though an orange bitters would work well, too), Lou's maple syrup from my collection (definitely a great collecting habit to start up; you can buy a tiny bottle online for $1.25), and actually a tangelo peel instead of classic navel orange because I love the saturated color and fruit!

Here is the recipe:


• 1.5 -2oz (one shot) rye whiskey

• 1/2 tsp maple syrup

• 1-2 dashes bitters

• orange peel

• 1-2 ice cubes


• In a SOF glass (or low ball of choice), stir together maple syrup and bitters.

• Add the whiskey, and gently stir until combined.

• Add 1-2 cubes of ice; a single sphere would also work well

• Add fresh orange peel (no pith!) Line rim with essence.


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