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In a matter of weeks, everyone has had to learn the basics of setting up a shot: from Zoom to FaceTime and IG Livestreams, video has infiltrated our homes. It's important to put effort into your appearance, lighting, and surroundings on camera because it boosts your confidence and earns respect from your colleagues and friends.

As a producer for

several national TV and digital series,I've learned the tips and tricks from the field to look your best on camera. That's meant discussing shirt selection with talent minutes before a cooking segment and rearranging an interview subject's kitchen counter on the fly, making sure the rogue bottle of Windex is put away, and the arranging the charming flour canisters just so. As a YouTube show host, I also learned my filler words, how to conduct a clear interview, and what clothing made me feel most confident in myself.

While I understand not everyone is interested in staging a full-scale production in their living rooms with kids running around just out of frame, and honestly there's no need, I'm sharing a handful of tips so you can improve your video conference style.

In the end, the goal is to make sure the focus is on you and what you have to say!

Dylan Leavitt

Founder & Executive Producer

Studio Dylan

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