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During Dylan's time with PBS's Antiques Roadshow, she saw a growth opportunity for the legacy brand to expand into original digital video content to reach a new, younger audience. Vintage Minute, which she hosted and produced, became this brand extension, sharing inexpensive collecting trends and tidbits of history in bite-size form. Dylan presented on her short form video best practices as a panelist at SXSW in 2017.

While short form video provides an opportunity to try diverse storytelling methods, staying authentic is crucial as each video takes on a “pop-up” format. Videos often surface in a newsfeed or embed on an external site. On YouTube, 60% of Antiques Roadshow's traffic came from external sources and 53% of digital videos were viewed as embedded on external sites. The voice for Vintage Minute rings true with Antiques Roadshow because it applies an educational and fun tone to discussing covetable objects, a related theme that maintains authenticity to the brand.

Studio Dylan uses these tactics when working with clients to create mutli-platform digital video strategy and production. Depending on where the videos are distributed, a variety of audiences may appear. For example, on YouTube video viewership skewed male, but on Facebook it skewed female. Use diverse distribution tactics and create content to reach different demographics and audiences where they already sit. 


Don't forget about the long tail of viewership and its everlasting value and brand impact. Videos on YouTube that were posted years ago are still gaining viewership momentum and comments today. Stories that are compelling, educational, and entertaining will remain evergreen and only bolster brand awareness and engagement.

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