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Author of Fresh Made Simple Lauren K. Stein wanted to explore creating short, ingredients-forward digital food videos to inspire audiences. In an effort to generate videos that feel authentic with achievable recipes, we took our time to indulge in beautiful tight shots and process moments instead of the common "throw-things-in-a-bowl" style that has become ubiquitous across digital platforms. We wanted to get the gist of the recipe across without giving all the details, provoking viewers to "save."

We created three short recipes and from these, broke out teaching moments that could be easily searched such as how to refresh crystalized honey or how kitchen shears can be a great time-saver for slicing scallions.

Videos were cut to 16x9 for posting to YouTube in order to be embedded on Lauren's website and accompanied by full recipes. Shorter versions were exported at 4x5, or portrait, to be shared on Instagram with appropriate hashtags. As a digital video production company and consultancy, Studio Dylan emphasizes the value of multi-platform distribution with each of its clients.

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