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How To Make A Rosé Margarita

Rosé margaritas! This drink screams summer: you can batch it up and serve from a pitcher or make up a single glass that's sure to brighten your day. Plus, you can have fun with the styling: today, I decided to use a stemless wine glass from Simon Pearce and play up the whimsy with a bright cocktail umbrella and lime wheel.

I'm obsessed with cocktail umbrellas and stirrers. If you're going to make yourself a drink at home, why not make it a party?

Here's the recipe:


• 1 oz tequila

• 5 oz dry rosé wine

• 1/2 oz agave syrup

• 1 oz lime juice + 1 lime wheel

• Salt for rim

• Ice

**Important note: don't forget to salt your glass rim before adding ice and pouring in your lovely drink! I think the salt is optional so if you forget to add it, no harm. To salt your glass rim, take the lime wheel around the rim and then dip the rim into a small dish of salt. The salt will stick to the lime.


• In a cocktail shaker, combine tequila, rosé, lime, and agave.

• Shake well with ice until exterior of shaker is frosted, about 10-15 seconds.

• Strain over fresh ice in serving glass

• Add lime wheel and cocktail umbrella


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